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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 10, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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get bacon in your burger. moooiiink. >> rain this weekend revealed new problem on the bay bridge. new span. but cal-trans is claiming that this time it was a problem engineers actually expected. good evening i'm dan ashley. cal-trans opened up the inof the newest span to show us the leak and its effect on some of the bolts. laura has the story. >> on the deck of the new bay bridge it's okay if it gets we
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wet. several feature built in to push water off the side. but deep inside underneath the deck and that the calf eastern infrastructure it's supposed to be dry. and that's where cal-trans has found water where there shouldn't be. >> when i see happening is water is coming in at the bolt location at the top on the deck and then dripping down through the threads. >> cal-trans chief deputy director rick land pointed out the latest problem on the new eastern span of the bay bridge leaking bolt. >> we expected to have issues come up on this structure and this is not an atypical issue we would find on a structure that is newly put into service with such unique feature. >>reporter: bolt are about 1 inch in diameter attached to steal plate every 3 feet underneath the platform of the bridge. leak have been found on along one-third mile stretch that is the suspension portion of the bridge. in someplaces
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we did find pooling and rust color sign of corrosion. >> we expected water to get in somehow. >>reporter: water could be seeping in from several places around the light standard. near the cable anchors or through the option built into the barrier rail structure on each side of the deck. >> so 30's always a possibility that water will find its way. you protect the best you can. now that water has gotten inside we are looking for exactly where it's coming from to trace it back to the source and plug it up. >> cal-trans does not know yet how about it cost to fix all the leak. in the bay bridge, abc 7 news. >> first time in days it's not raining. the storm that brought the much-needed rain have passed for the moment now time to see how much we got exactly and whether it had any impact at all on the drought. we turn now to 7 news weather anchor spencer christian on the roof of the building tonight with more on what we had this weekend spencer. >> okay dan. the rains were beneficial no doubt about that but we have a long way to go to
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erase the existing rainfall deficit. still though thankful for the rain. you can see at this moment we have mainly clear sky around the bay area. we had high clouds early today. gone. few low clouds and patches of fog developing right now. okay. let's take a look at rainfall total since last wednesday beginning of this raining period through the weekend exploratorium has had two-thirds inch rainfall. kent field over 12 inches over foot of rain santa rosa nearly 8 inches then mountain over 9 inches but look at the small relatively small amount of rain for redwood city. san jose. hayward. livermore. south bay to east bay location many of them need a lot more rain and did not get much out of the thisriod of wet weather. so what is our deficit like right now for the season today exploratorium needs 9 and a half inches of rain just to get back to the normal level for this point in the season. santa rosa needs
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over 14 inches of rain to get back to the normal level. many other location need anywhe from 6 to 8 inches so you can see we are still far far below the normal rainfall level. however that doesn't mean that these recent rains haven't hed helped and snow pack improving and more needed there. i have the accu-weather 7 day forecast coming up a little bit later. >> thanks very much. rain helped but not nearly enough to make a dent in the drought. lee ann now from the north bay which got the most rain in the bay area. >> this is the russian river in healeds burg on thursday just before the storm. different story today. water level rushing downstream. welcome sight. despite the rainfall that revrm drenched the bay area the sonoma county water agency says we are still far from being drought free. >> message is that the drought is still on. we need about at least 6 storms like this to
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even be close to where we normally are this time of year. >>reporter: the russian river gets its water from lake mendocino which rely entirely on rainfall. but because the lake is in a critical stage, the sonoma county water agency can reduce russian river flow in order to preserve water storage in lake mendocino. few vineyard on river road in forestville were also plunged under water. something few remember seeing in a long time. >> it's like a gold color sandy home. >>reporter: different story on west side road in healdsburg. soil is sandy. perfect for growing grapes. wine maker rick says they will need more rain in the next few weeks. >> when the soil just suck up the water and then it drains right through so when these vine wake up and start pushing bud and the bud bud break you need moisture in the soil. >>reporter: in the mean time sonoma county is reminding everyone to conserve.
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>> irrigation off. shorter showers. full load of laundry. full loads of dishwashing. everything you can possibly think of. >> if things don't improve mandatory water conservation plan may have to be imposed. in santa rosa, abc 7 news. >> in east bay arborist still busy removing big tree that fell on an office complex around noon. this is on camino pablo south of the country club if you know the area. nobody hurt when the tree tumble but you can see pretty big tree and did real dachbility earl year today crew in san mateo county work to remove a tree came crashing down across highway 35 and 84 in woodside fell overnight blocking all lanes near alice restaurant on sky line boulevard. the tree also brought down some cables. >> track any storm headed our way by using live doppler 7 hd on the 7 news weather app.
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also makes it easy to share photo of how you are coping in the rain. you can down load it on our web site at this site. >> moving on. new at 9:00. search dog brought in to look for potential victim after the roof at vacant san jose be collapsed this evening. firefighters responded to the building on nick avenue at 5:00 o'clock this afternoon. they discovered a large section of the roof had just given way. rescuers conducted a careful search. they did not find anyone trapped in the debris. >> new report suggest pilots prepared to land at the wrong airport in san jose more often than you might think. report find that at least half dozen times pilots who were supposed to land at san jose international airport instead made preparation to land at moffitt field. 10 miles to the north west. abc 7 news from the hiller aviation museum where flight simulator explain
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why pilots get confused. >> tradition until drama of airport such as san jose enter until and moffitt field 10 miles away look similar with the parallel run way. however modern technology including gps is sdpind to eliminate confusion but pilots can still get confused. you are lacking at flight simulator at hiller aviation museum in san carlos. >> if i ahead towards san jose and runway off to my right just a little bit off the right i might be tempted to think that might be san jose right there when in fact it's further out over there. >>reporter: that indeed has happened 6 times in the past dozen years or so. in daylight sky 7 hd confirms fairly easy to spot the difference between the 2 airport. large hangar at moffitt are distinctive but at night shown here open the simulator landmark open the ground are difficult to spot and pilots are focusing on landing approach lights. of the 6 incidents the faa pointed out no jersey or damage to the aircraft. further said quote the faa new pilot qualification
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and training rules will continue to help ensure the best qualified trained pilots are operating the flight deck of u.s. commercial airplane. this is video of landing at san jose posted on you tube pilots do have to guard against distractions caused by lights on the ground called illusion. even string of lights down a road can actually be momentarily confusing for pichlt any time a string of lights anywhere it pops up in your mind is that an airport is that a runway. >> retired commercial airline captain deed says familiarity with an airport makes a difference. >> being familiar with the route is a big thing. these kind of error make visual conditions generally by somebody unfamiliar with the area. >>reporter: if san carlos, abc 7 news. >> san francisco lost 11 and half million dollars from hos hosting america's cup. 6 million dollar jump from the preliminary figure released in december. new cost reflect the
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loss to port of san francisco not included in the previous report. on the plus side more than 500 san francisco residents got jobs and event i hope jebingted at least 3 64 million dollars to the local economy. the state also claims the race served as catalyst to build a new cruise ship terminal. in the meantime negotiations to host the america's cup in 2017 have stalled. team oracle considering 4 other sites including san diego and hawaii. more to bring you here tonight on this monday on 7 news at 9:00. >> it was life saver for sure. >> homeless family of 6 gets helping hand thanks to some good samaritan in blue. >> also newest honor for former san francisco mayor willie brown what he says the critic who don't like the idea. >> and 7 news weather anchor spencer christian will be back with the forecast for the week with the forecast for the week ahead. 7 news at 9:00
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>> western span of the bay bridge will be rechristen tomorrow in honor of former san francisco mayor assembly speaker will brown. cal-trans put up signs on the upper lower deck showing the span new name. signs are covered up for now but will be uncovered tomorrow. california naacp raised private money to pay for them. will brown says tonight he thinks this maybe his greatest legacy. >> no. 1. there's nothing i don't think that could compare to having the second most used bridge in the country. >> tomorrow ceremony on treasure island to draw who is who of more than 500 people. politic sports entertainment and high society. governor jerry brown who was opposed to the renaming of the span is not scheduled to attend. >> members of the san francisco police force went beyond the duties of their badge this weekend to be sure. they pitched in to help out a single
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father with several kid who recently relocated to the bay area. family has fallen on area. family has fallen on hard times. vick leis on the >> didn't have a place to statement otherwise we would have had to sleep on the streets, i believe. >> wet windy friday night in san francisco. joe silva and his wife and their 5 children had no place to go. salvation army workers handing out hot food coffee here at un plaza saw the family of 7. they called police. >> well-being check on the family who had been reported as wandering the streets in inclement weather and report came out that they looked like they needed help. >> these 4 officers located the silva at carlos junior near seventh and market. >> they had food but they were a little low on form will for the baby and some basic wet whip and what not. they just couldn't be out. it was way
9:16 pm
past the little one bed timement we pooled our resourc resources. got them the wet whip and basic baby needs and some went and located a hotel within walking distance. >> the officers reached into their pockets and came up with enough money for a night at the hotel. >> we had to do something. between 4 officers hotel for a night is not the most expensive thing in the world. >> no brainer for us. we wanted to help out especially with the 5 kids. couldn't leaf them like that. >> at the time it was the right thing to do. we all had warm beds to go home to that night. >> thanks to the officers so did the silvas on friday night. joe says thank you. >> definitely going before and beyond help our family out. >> and there's more. lieutenant at southern station contacted city social service agency to provide other assistance including a family shelter. vick lee, abc 7 news.
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>> the cops feel great about what they did and we are glad to tell their story. >> all right let's go back to talk about the weather a few moments. rain stopped for the moment. spencer is don't broadcast center tonight. no umbrella up there tonight. >> no not tonight. you are right. mainly fair sky on moon lit night but looking forward to our next bout of rainfall because despite the amount last few days we need more. here's live doppler 7hd few cloud around tonight. mainly low cloud near the coast. higher clouds earlier today disappeared. here's live view from our sutro tower cam are are looking out over san francisco you see the low clouds pushing in. 52 degrees right now in san francisco and oakland. low 50's low mid 50s redwood city to sap oh, say. los gatos half moon bay. another live view of the downtown area south beach camera under mainly clear skies. 51 santa rosa. 50 at nap a.mid 50's fairfield concord livermore and live view
9:18 pm
from emeryville looking west along the bay brim. these are the forecast features we'll see areas of patchy fog tonight. partly sunny and milder tomorrow. sprinkle are possible. wednesday night into thursday that won't be a significant ran fall but a little wet weather nonetheless. satellite image shows high pressure still mainly factor in our weather picture but high clouds will continue to creep in to the sky tomorrow and wednesday before we get a little bit of sprinkle activity overnight wednesday night but stormtracker will remain mainly to the north so we won't get any significant rain until much later here's our forecast animation for the next 5 days notice rain stays to our north until the weekend then it drops farther south ward and next chance of measurable rain will be late saturday into sunday. not quite the big rainfall drenching rain last weekend but more rain nonetheless. overnight tonight again some patchy fog low clouds low temperature mainly in the low mid 40's inland. mid upper 40's around the bay and near the coast. then
9:19 pm
tomorrow partly mainly sunny. high in the south bay. low to mid 60's. 63 at san jose. on peninsula low 60's. 62 at redwood city palo altoment mid 50's pacifica and a half moon bay on the coast and 57 degrees will be the high downtown san francisco. up in the north bay tomorrow. mainly sunny on the coast a little bit low cloud. stinson beach inland nice and sunny 63 santa rosa 63 at napa. east bay high low 60's all across the board. 61 from richmond to oakland to union city and inland east bay 64 at fairfield antioch and livermor livermore. concord walnut creek. here's the 7 day forecast we'll see few cloud around virtually every day through the 7 day period except next monday. wednesday night into thursday i mention may see some sprinkle not any significant wren fall expected there. valentine's day friday few cloud around but still mild
9:20 pm
day with high pressure in the upper 60's near the bay and inland and then over the weekend we have the chance of measurable rain late saturday into early sunday and then sunny mild on monday that's the 7 day picture for now. still looking for a wetter weather pattern coming our way perhaps next week. >> all right spencer thanks very much. we appreciate it. >> sonoma county got soaked this weekend like every place else. if you were here standing water and soaked barn using our abc 7 news weather app. and check out this adorable little child great time in the rain. how much fun is that? he didn't let a puddle keep him off the playground not at all. still to come tonight at 9:00. famous san francisco dog gets a make over. plus big celebration planned this week celebration planned this week for these bay area icons.
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>> actor, string of bizarre behavior he wore a paper bag on the head to the premiere of the new film at international film festival in berlin yesterday. tuxedo clad actor pose for photo as he peaked through 2 eye cut out in the bag. the wordy am not famous any more were written on it as you can see. he has frequently used that statement on his twitter page fosome reason. earlier in the day he stormed out of a news conference after answering just one question about the film. odd. >> well dog diner head are getting a lot of tend loving care at san francisco these days. this morning workers from the department of public works hoisted this iconic dog head back on the pedestal near
9:25 pm
the san francisco zoo. celebration planned for valentine's day and guess what will be there? 3 more dog diner head. kick starter campaign raised 51,000 dollars to restore the trio of fine glass dog head for decade. remember they stood guard outside dog diner restaurant which have since closed down but at least those dog diner head are being preserved. soon all displayed once again. >> stay here with me. another half hour of abc 7 news at 9:00 continues next. coming up. new and very specific threat in the air. unprecedented warning about airline flying into american airport. >> also new revolution about former secretary of state hillary clinton. what she really thought about monica lewinsky win 60. >> the dumb star buck mystery. now know who is bright idea it [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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moooiiink. i. >> good evening again thanks for being here. we'll start this half hour with a new and very specific threat in the air tonight. u.s. passengers are being told about one airline they should not board. brian ross has details. >> airplane terror warning start unprecedented. u.s. embassy avoid all flights on caribbean air to the u.s. until at least thursday. because of what it termed a specific but unconfirmed threa threat. >> again it's out of abundance of cautionment unconfirmed threat information. >> some officials said the threat was not that serious. and today flight to new york was allowed to land at kennedy airport met with 3 homeland security squad and passengers
9:30 pm
said they were worried but not enough to cancel their plans. >> i was scared of going on caribbean airlines but you had to take my chances. >> u.s. authorities have long been concerned about terror cell in this area. one operative is a native of guyana who grew up in new york and florida and now actively being hunted by the u.s. in pakista pakistan. intensity of the ongoing hunt for a number of senior al qaeda leaders was seen in this new video of capture of one of them last october obtained by the "washington post". white van cuts off the target car. delta force members jump out. guns drawn. second car blocks any escape. up the street a quick reaction to the car pull the scene clean. apparent struggl struggle. libya pulled into the white van. u.s. forces sweep the area and then they are gone. all over in just a little over 60 seconds. libya now in custody in new york awaiting trial on charges part
9:31 pm
of the embassy bomb ntion africa that killed hundreds of people. brian ross abc news new york. >> french president is in the united states tonight part of a 3 day official state visit that will include a stop here in the bay area. president obama and he took a tour of jefferson pictureesque estate in virginia today. state dinner will be held at the white house tomorrow. on wednesday he heads to san francisco meeting with google schmid, facebook c o o sandberg and representatives from twitter and month sill a as well. talk business with them data protection and unpaid french taxes on the agenda as well. >> the new back about toronto boisterous mayor rob ford is apparently heading to the bic screen. canada base production house acquired the trits crazy sound the rob ford story. book hit news stand justless we can and already no. 1 on amazon canada. it chronicle ford rise
9:32 pm
from colorful city council member to controversial mayor and his admission that he smoked crack cocaine. the producer of the still unnamed project says ford story is one of the great political and cultural tale of late oychlt bama administration grangt another extension to business groups concerned about the health care laws requirement that larger firms cover their workers. treasury department announced today that company with 50 to up to 99 employees have until january 1st, 2016 additional year to comply with the coverage mandate. requirement for businesses with 100 or more employees will still take effect in 2015. now unthe will you company with fewer than 50 employees do not have to offer coverage. >> all right. now to those new revelation about former secretary of state hillary clinton including one of the motor explosive chapter from her white house years. the
9:33 pm
monica lewinsky scandal. jonathan has the story. >> until her death in 2000 dine blair is one of hillary clinton closest friends. long time university of arkansas professor kept a detailed diary during mrs. clinton time in the white house. diary that remains secret for years. among the revelation new insight into what the then first lady was thinking in the days after bill clinton admitted having an affair with white house intern monica lewinsky. >> indeed i did have a relationship with monica that was not appropriate. in fact it was wrong. >>reporter: it was a lapse she writes but says to his credit he tried to break it off. tried to pull away. tried to manage someone who was clearly a narcissistic loony tune but it was beyond control. blair says hilary insisted quote it was grossly inappropriate behavior but it was consensual. according to blair mrs. mrs. clinton put some of the blame for the affair on the pressures of the white house. and herself. she thinks she
9:34 pm
was not smart enough not sensitive enough not free enough of her own concerns and struggles to realize the price he was paying. the papers previously under seal were first reported today by the conservative washington free beacon. the diary portrays mr mrs. clinton as hard nose political operative who was quote in despair nobody in the white house is tough and mean enough. especially frustrated with criticism of her own assertiveness. i'm a proud woman the diary quotes her saying in 1996. i know it con fasts people when i change my hair do. i know issued pretend not to have any opinion. but i'm not going to. i gave up my name. i got contact lenses. but i'm not going to pretend to be somebody that i'm not. clinton supporters don't see any particularly damageing in these papers. and her spokesperson simply declined to comment on them. january thon karl, abc news washgton. >> head of pay pal the latest victim of credit card fraud. but he's using the bad experience to cash in some promotion for his company. pay
9:35 pm
pal president david marcus says thieves stole his credit card information during a trip to the united kingdom. crook went on shopping spree. marcus says the theft could have been prevented if merchant expected pay pal. on line payment service does not share credit card or bank account details with merchant. so mr. marcus using it as a p.r. opportunity. >> hottest smart phone game of all time has shut cup. now people are buying used phones at astronomical prisons just to get their hands on the game. the vietnamese developer of flap bird removed it from google play and apple app store get this just last week he was earnings 50,000 dollars a day on this thing. vietnamese developer witch percent tweeted taking the game down saying i can't take this any more. another tweet followed saying flap bird success of mine bit also ruins my life. my simple life so now i hate it. now
9:36 pm
some auction popped up on ebay featuring i-phone including a copy of flapy bird. >> just ahead on 7 news at 9:0 9:00. bay area start up that is trying to bring the fitness .evolution to your pet. mor
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>> california wine grape industry saw a record harvest in 2013. that's according to the california department of food and agriculture. nearly 4.7 million tons of grapes were crushed last year. that is 7% higher than in 2012. of the report reveals that the average price paid for grape state wide was more than 700 dollars a ton. chardonnet harvest was
9:40 pm
the largest followed by cabernet, sin fan del respectively. >> bay area start up trying to bring the fitness refuse logs to your pet. just like monitor that help dieter an athlete track activi help owner monitor the dog movement. here's health and science reporter carolyn johnson. >> rough houseing in the back yard and you assume your dog is getting more than enough exercise. unless they are not. in fact the hidden secret from many pet owner goes on when not around. >> biggest benefit is giving you the general awareness while you are away. >> what's where whistle comes into play. start that up developed a collar mounted activity monitor that work so like fitness for dog. the key is that owners can track their dog activity through app on the smart phone. >> on the screen you see each
9:41 pm
day summary. did we hit our goal. >> i see the blue light. we strapped a monitor on to my family dog stanley and oliver. it's an accelerator and it chart minutes of activity it's actually measuring intensity. which is why speedy often registers more than double the activity of stanley. over the course of days weeks and months 24-7 broad picture starts to emerge of when the pets resting or stumbling on to the kind of adventure dog like stanley live for. >> a few pretty meaningful spike in activity at 9:00 o'clock and. >> that might have been a dear in the yard. fascinate to go me to see how active he is at night. >> by entering the dog breed and weight owner compare pet activity level to similar dog and set fitness goal. >> already we are at 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon and stanley has goal of 30 minutes.
9:42 pm
>> perhaps i have a low goal. >> interface includes social media component allowing users to share photo and comment. >> he's jealous. >>reporter: co-founder jacobs says the technology helps form tighter bond. >> people using whistle as communication tool in the family with the dog walker and key other members of the pet play. >> i lick these. stanley first day. time to sell pwraichlt stanley ready for hat trick. >>reporter: for stanley it was validation of at least try minutes to an hour of active exercise a day. fairly healthy lifestyle. that might not otherwise be obvious at first glance. >> oh, you cute are they. >> monitor retails for about 130 dollars on the whistle web site. now the system currently requires a wi-fi connection but the company says it's going to release software update in about 3 week that will allow to you retrieve data straight from the cell network as well. >> mystery of dumb star buck revealed. store shut down this
9:43 pm
afternoon. l.a. county health department decided enough was enough and then comedy central comic nathan field emerged saying he is the brains behind the fake store. he's calling it a parody for day the shop was swarmed with customers in the trendy area of los angeles here that handed out free coffee and pastry. comic held tongue in cheek news conference outside the show. don't want to cause tl david or goliath thing going on but i do want to say if they keep the pressure up they do risk losing me as a customer. >> field didn't say why he did it. shop was near perfect replica of starbucks except for the name dumb appearing before every drink on the menu and there was no free wireless. publicity stunt obviously. coming up next. >> journalism 101. always prepare for your interviews. what happened to one anchor who apparently mistook sam jackson apparently mistook sam jackson for someone else. back in a
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i. >> awkward in the dictionary this guy face. los angeles news anchor feeling the burn after he mistook samuel l jackson for lawrence fish burn interviewing him on live tv. >> superbowl commercial did you get a lot of reaction to that superbowl commercial? >> what superbowl commercial? >> oh. you know what my mistake. >> you know, you are as crazy as the people on twitter. i'm not lawrence fish burn. >> that's my fault. i know that that was my fault. >> we don't all look alike. all black and famous. >> i am guilty. >> next question. >> i'm guilty. >> and kind of went on from
9:48 pm
there. jackson giving enter view to los angeles tv station kt l.a. to promote the new movie robo cop entertainment anchor apologized and said there was an ad for jackson new captain america movie during the superbowl but he says he was too embarrassed to bring that up. sometimes to move on. one last check on the weather. dry once again. spencer up on the roof of the building. hi spencer. >> it is dry once again but maybe not for long. we expect more rain in just a few days. here's mainly clear skies right now. after quite a bit of cloud cover today but most has disappeared giving way now to just few low cloud. how about this 24 hour change? this photo sent to us by kevin from santa rosa showing the before shot of is he boss toll poll. saturday afternoon at 5:00 o'clock. now how about sunday afternoon at 5:00 o'clock with flooding. 24 hours later. everything under
9:49 pm
water. thank you kevin. remarkable 24 hour change. state wide conditions tomorrow. no rain. dry conditions. a little cloud up in the northern part of the state. central california south ward mild. bay area mild and on the coast high in the mid 50's with low 60's to mid 60's everywhere else. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast few sprinkle overnight into thursday and maybe more rain measurable rain late saturday that early sunday. bring it on we need more. >> okay thanks very much. every drop counts we appreciate it. >> olympic bobsledder trapped in tight space seems like a daily thing in sochi. team members tweeted out this picture. quinn writes no one is going to believe this but we just got stuck in ple vaitor. this time there was a phone call for help and the 3 were eventually rescued of course. quinn got a lot of attention for his great escape this weekend. he was taking a shower when the bathroom door locked or jam on him. nobody was around to let him out so he
9:50 pm
had to punch through the corrugated cardboard door to get out with that effect. all right. sports anchor larry is here. i was talking to brian boitano by text yesterday and he said his accommodation in sochi were pretty good. he was he was where the network guy were his but he said a lot of people are having trouble. >> yes. i think it's a hit or miss thing. a lot of the media guys have not been taken care of but brian boitano in pretty good shape. johnny quinn. the strength of 10 men. >> maybe olympic boxing. >> can not be contained. warriors crushing phillies and this is one man show. the mo show unstoppable force of show unstoppable force of nature against his
9:51 pm
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only from xfinity. >> coming up tonight at 11:00. pg&e take new action after case of armed sabotage on local power sub station. some experts say it was an act of terrorism. >> and follow-up to story we
9:54 pm
first told you about. the lone forty-niner fan at the seahawks parade. well turns out he's a teenager without a family. but his life business to take a dramatic turn for the better thanks to a group of bay area women. those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> all right on to sports. look what i stole off larry desk. wilt chamberlain bobble head. >> they made him a little bit taller. slitly taller bobble head. >> he is taller than the others in the office. >> the face. looks a little lawrence fish burn that was the other story. 00 joking joking. in sports tonight the were yours played a bad sixer team. it was most fate world everybody else was breathing objection jechbility wilt chamberlain on bobble head night. i don't know if maybe a really young face but warriors
9:55 pm
up 6. early on. fake inside the foul. young hits the hook then facing up on spinner then extending the range most phase three point shatter 11 in a row by himself. war yrs crossing. 17 straight points for space with tip in finish for career high 32 points 26 minutes that's a bad pass that best to right to curry and he knocks it down then another 3 here. 6 66-33 at the half and sixers coach brett brown saying time to go to new drawingoard here there is the give and go with lee and curry warriors led by as many as 49 with world b 3 looking on. that guy can shoo shoot. final 123-80 warriors host james and heat on wednesday. practicing in phoenix. lebron off the wall and reverse jam. whole team was watching him put on a dunkthon off the building
9:56 pm
support with authority. reliving on cell phone. hilarious. you saw tonight person why are you watching it again on 4 inch phone. you just saw. that but hilarious nonetheless. lebron in up to on wednesday nature. war norse a nice weekend in pebble beach. he and his pro playing partner finished 21 under par in the pro am competition tied for 14 place over all. >> after you make the cut lick that i really should have cared more but just enjoying after. that a lot of fun today with the guys were grit. okay caddie and my son but really enjoyed. >> fantastic. crowd was great. people were great. really want to thank all the fans. >> nice quiet hand. announcement by missouri defensive line man michael samantha he is gay may smash the barrier that currently exists in the nfl. here's the bottom lane on sam. if he
9:57 pm
makes plays if he becomes an impact player on the field then he is accepted and will open the door for so many others but he has to be able to play. he was line man at mile an hour sewer and third round in the draft. sam told all of his tiger team mates that he was gay before this past season and it was an absolute non-issue at missouri. green bay license backer coach moss says he has no problem with the situation. >> i will anticipate it is going to happen so we'll all learn from whatever experience this young man goes through. i hears he's very talented grit guy. lick i said take customer of itself. >>reporter: spring training right acrown the corner. a's hoping to win the third straight title. key cause for the green gold machinist josh donaldson. mike with more now on the a's third baseman. >> the pitch. line drive.
9:58 pm
that's the ball game. >>reporter: josh had a career season in 20 tlaechbility he played 158 games hit 24 home runs with 93 rbi and 30 1 average. mvp candidate but he was left off the all star roster. >> i don't my for individual goal as far as all star game. mvp. i don't play for. that i play for our organization our teammate. >>reporter: he made third base at the big league level and it's not that tough as he always considered himself an infielder. >> i have always taken pride in being athletic. i enjoyed football basketball anything that has to do with running jumping and stuff like that. to me i think that's a huge part of my success to this point. >> josh wants to be that player that makes everyone around him better. he liked what he sees on this year roster but winning the west isn't enough. >> just one of the ordeal where you have to really focus on what the goal is early. and
9:59 pm
then once you accomplish that goal try to win a play off. we are lacking forward to hopefully being successful this year. >> let the games begin. mike, abc 7 sports. >> and heading to arizona to check in on the yints in scottsdale a's and phoenix and pink pony as well. look for his reports next week on this site. >> good stuff larry thanks very much. >> that's all for this edition of 7 news at 9 here on tv 20. 7 news continues now on license on twitter facebook all the mobile device with the new abc 7 news app for all of us here, thanks for the company we appreciate your team. e you appreciate your team. e you again in an hour on channel 7.
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k squeals] okay, you can hear me? okay. um, good morning. i'm here to kick off the first day of a new tradition at our school called green week. what? first, a month to black history, now, seven days on the irish. all this week, greendale college is becoming so earth-smart that we're changing our name to envirodale.


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